Our Products

CRA provides the following products:

CRA College Readiness Assessment Scorecard(TM)

Receive an assessment scorecard that is completed by campus stakeholders and submitted online by a campus representative.

CRA Commentary and Strategies Report

Receive a quantitative score from 1 to 100 on an assessment scorecard and a report that includes commentary on areas of strength and weakness as they relate to college readiness. Strategies for improving programs will be provided.

CRA College Readiness Assessment Student Scorecard

Receive a student scorecard that quantifies definitive markers measuring whether a student is on track to do college level work.

CRA Administrator’s Guide

Receive a step-by-step guide for the district administrator on how to implement the CRA assessment process on each campus.

CRA Parent’s Guide

Receive a comprehensive guide that provides parents with information about college from how to ensure their children are fully prepared psychologically and academically to understanding the college search, financial planning and application process. Emphasis is on how valuable parental involvement is in helping their child become college ready.

CRA Counselor’s Guide

Counselor involvement is critical to the success of college readiness awareness and program.  Students and parents look to counselors for advice and directions on college preparation and for assistance with the college application process. Receive an informative guide on leadership actions that a counselor can take to improve their campus college and career ready initiatives.

CRA Checklists for Central Staff Administrator, Principal, Teacher and Student

Checklists are designed so that each stakeholder has shared accountability for the success, growth and improvement of the campus programs. Checklists include activities, actions, behaviors and benchmarks that will remind each party of their responsibility to the career and college initiatives on their campus.

Online Resources

A list of websites is provided for additional reading and research on current college readiness topics.