What We Do

CRA College Readiness Assessment is a company focused on assisting schools with evaluating and improving their college-ready initiatives.  Schools should be confident that they are providing opportunities and content necessary for students to be successful in their postsecondary pursuits without needing remediation.

College Readiness is the current national education focus. Do you know what college readiness means and do you know if your students are really ready to do college work? Be at the forefront of districts that lead the way in student preparation for college using the latest data and college readiness benchmarks established by companies like ACT, SAT, the College Board, TEA and THECB.

CRA College Readiness Assessment ScorecardTM  is a self- evaluation tool created by education experts that will assist your campus in answering the following questions.

  • How do you know if you are offering programs that prepare your students for college and career work?
  • How do your students know if they are prepared for college work?

CRA will provide a scorecard for a school to use to assess their college readiness programs in five areas and then receive strategies for improvement based on results of their assessment.

Why use it?

  • To assist a school in increasing the number of students prepared to enter and be successful in college and postsecondary careers
  • To establish recognition for being a college readiness mentor school
  • To measure your program with other campuses
  • To increase community awareness of your school’s exemplary programs
  • To confirm that your school offers a course of study designed to prepare student for their future
  • To improve college readiness programs

How to use it?

Form campus teams, analyze data, complete scorecard and implement recommended strategies for areas of weakness. The process provides the school with the opportunity to reflect, assess, collaborate and create a plan designed to provide their students with every possible opportunity to be successful in postsecondary plans.